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Most of the times, I go out for movies to check out the clothes! So when I went to watch Piku, I totally knew that half the time I would be drooling over Deepika Padukone’s look in the movie. Non fussy, well fitted, uber chic kurtas which gave her a modern, slick look. She looked like an urbane-ly ethnic woman to the core.

Her gorgeous kohl lined eyes and cotton / linen kurtis make me want to go out and buy only such kurtas and style them. Sigh, if only I had more wardrobe space……

4Deepika As PIKU



What effortless style and grace isn’t it? Also, super inspiration for people like us who are currently in the throes of a sweltering summer.

Style tip: Pair kurtas with palazzo pants for a summery feel. Even the long kurtas look great with these loose fitting pants (Side note: Loose fitting is not equal to ill fitting!) Take a cue from our Pakistani counterparts…(a post coming soon!)

Also don’t hesitate to match prints. Deepika has (or rather the designer has) paired pin-tucks and paisley prints with the ethnic block prints and they do look good.

So what are you waiting for? Go ethnic with Piku’s style and post your pictures on the Ethnic Thread app!

Check out the app by requesting an invite on

Disclaimer: All these amazing pictures are clicked by me – absolutely not! The extremely kind google helped me source these pictures from and

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