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What do you give a man who is mostly the non shopper of the family? Fathers are people who never shop, at least not voluntarily. They might trudge along behind you and your mum or your sister, patiently holding bags, fishing out their credit cards, and handing out some cash when need be. Then driving around when you can’t find the exact shade of salmon pink (or something to that effect). But how many times do we see them go out and shop? In most cases -never. They will tell you or mom to pick out their clothes and shop for them. So what do we give these amazing dads of ours that they will love?

1. Time: I can’t stress on this enough. You might be in a different city, working on a job, married and moved to another country; but dads do miss their daughters (and sons – let me be correct here). So give him call, Skype with him, or FaceTime and make the day special. If you can meet him, go over and take him out for a movie or a day out and just spend some time with dad.

2. For the Fit Dad: Get him some exercise gear, or one of those fitness tracker watches. They tell the time but also do various things like track footsteps taken in a day, include some kind of a heart monitor and just motivate people to get moving and be fit. Or else you can give him some kind of a gym membership to get him back in his groove.



3. For the Movie Buff Dad: Gift him a set of DVDs of his favourite movie. Throw in some microwaveable popcorn to help your mom out too!



4. Trip / Day Out: Many websites offer packages for a day out like sailing, fishing, or a trip somewhere exotic. Grab one of these and gift your dad.




5. The Usual: Clothes, wallets, tie, perfumes – be unimaginative. Pick out one of these safe bets.


6. Get Emotional: Write him a poem, make a collage of your pictures together, or frame an old picture and gift him.



7. Dinner: Or lunch or brunch for that matter. Get your dad out and feed him at one of his favourite places.


8. EthnicThread: Raid his closet, pick out his clothes which he doesn’t wear (or they don’t fit him) and click pictures. Once they get SOLD, give him the cash, and tell him how hard earned it is 😉 We do accept all sorts of men’s clothing too. Kurtas, pyjamas, suits, achkans…..list it out now! For all you know, someone might gift their dad one of the things you list…wouldn’t that be sweet?



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