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What goes on inside the head of a successful, 15 year old fashionista? Wait…did we just say 15? yes, that’s right. Meet Paavanee Mahajan, a young girl, just 15, and instead of hanging out at coffee shops and screaming over the latest pop song, here she is – blogging away, inspiring others with her elegant fashion sense. EthnicThread spoke to her, to try and dissect her amazing brain! Read on to find more about her.


ET: Tell us 3 interesting things about you.
PM:  Firstly, I just love dressing up randomly without any occasion #sorrynotsorry
Second would be I lovee to eat even when I’m not hungry.
And lastly the one thing that no one knows about me is that I just love Zoella’s youtube channel!
ETWhat is your inspiration behind starting a blog?
PM: I started my blog as a creative outlet to express my love for fashion, extensive collection of clothes and to share with women as motivation for putting outfits and looks together. After publishing few blog posts I got really good feed back and there and then I knew what I will be doing for the rest of my life.
ETWhat is a typical day like for you?
PM: Typical day for me is to go to school, come back and get updates about latest fashion trends and then complete my homework (ha-ha) (See, this one has her priorities set. Even though she is a great blogger, her homework is never ignored!)
ET: Tell us about one struggle in your life or career and how you coped with it?
PM: It was not a struggle but more of a challenge for me to start a blog at the age of 15 as in class 10th is a career based class as we all know. So, it was quite a major obstacle for me but in spite of this I coped up and now blogging and studies go hand in hand.
ET: Name a celebrity/icon you look up to for fashion and why.
PM: I think Lady Gaga is not only known for her best-selling albums and tours, but she’s a fashion icon as well. When Gaga hits the red carpet, steps out on the town, or even walks the fashion runway, she never fails to disappoint. She’s even created a host of iconic pop star.
ET: What is your favorite ethnic outfit/accessory? 
PM: When is comes to ethnic wear the top most thing that comes to my mind is traditional outfit enhanced by jewellery such as floor touching anarkalis, jhumkas, traditional bangles with a mix of vibrant colours.
ETGive 3 pieces of advice to our users.
PM: a) Being in your comfort zone is the most important thing. Pick outfits which are stylish yet comfortable
b) I personally love mixing patterns, colours and prints. Experimenting new fashion and beautifying one’s look has been in my blood ever since.
c) The most important piece of advice to all girls present out there is that it is not always important to follow the western style. Even ethnic wear makes a girl look graceful and elegant
ET: What do you think are the ethnic outfit staples that an Indian girl MUST have in her wardrobe?
PM: I personally have been influenced by the vibrant colours and cut style of Patialas, Salwar suits and heavy duppatas.
ETGive a shout out to couple of your friends or family who have inspired you in your journey so far. 
PM: I would love to thank my family and friends for supporting me but would not mind taking all the credit 😛
ETWhat is your favorite quote?
PM:  “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”  – Rachel Zoe
ET: What thrills you most about EthnicThread?
PM: I am most excited about buying, selling and renting of clothes from my own wardrobe. This way I can recycle all of my outfits and also do some more shopping!
Aren’t you a fan already? To be so young, so creative, and yet have your head on your shoulders is a big thing. We love Paavanee’s style and looks. The quote: to know m ore baout your future….you have to create it! is so true. Check out more of her looks on the EthnicThread app.
Also, check out Paavanee’s blog: to know more….
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