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But what about applying make up correctly? It’s really important to grow up from that grade 7, glittery eyeliner stage to gorgeous natural no make up looking make up stage! Here we have a few simple hacks and make up tricks for you. Enjoy and obviously follow them!



If you like contouring and highlighting, here’s a picture which explains where to contour and where to highlight. The darker part is the areas to which you apply a contour pencil (or a darker foundation) and the lighter part is where you apply a highlighter!


Face shapes determine blush application. Never knew that? Well now you do! Use this image as a guide to stop looking like you applied ‘clown blush’


THE best method to get your lipstick to last the whole day or night! Start with clean lips. Outline using a lip pencil of the same shade as the lipstick. Next swipe lipstick over your lips. Now grab a tissue and blot. Over the tissue add some baby powder (or just regular talcum powder). Remove the tissue and apply the same lipstick again. Your lipstick is SEALED! Literally!


Remember we needed clean lips to apply lipstick to? Use these ingredients and a soft toothbrush to exfoliate your lips. This removes the dry skin, and any build up, and reveals smooth skin. Be gentle yet firm. Your lips will look silky smooth and the above mentioned make up trick will work even better.
To make sure your mascara doesn’t land of your cheeks and your lower lashes stay pretty, use an old spoon to apply mascara.
Do you look like a panda with kajal smudging all the way to your knees? Well, I am not saying this happens to me, but I am saying this trick works. Apply a black or brown shadow over your kajal. Not only does it stop the smudging; it also gives added depth and looks gorgeous.
This trick works well for travel as well as for a broken lipstick. In case you have a broken lipstick, just take the broken part in a small pot, add some Vaseline to it (totally eye ball it here, no measurements) and microwave for a couple of seconds. Once its all melted, use a toothpick to stir and mix well. Let it set, and you have a super cute lip gloss!. For travel, you can use this idea by making two or three lip glosses, in those cute pill containers. Saves space, looks perfect, and moisturizes your lips coz of the Vaseline. Talk about a killer combo!


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