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Chaand raat Mubarak everyone!!! For most of us, Eid means a lot of Eidi and lovely gifts. As always at ET HQ, we scouted around for a few good ideas for gifts that you people can give to make this festive season more enjoyable.



We loved this idea. I’m sort of waiting that someone sees this and gifts it to me! Just get cute lamps/lanterns and fill them up with chocolates. A lovely gift which people can use later too. Thoughtfulness to the core!!


A lot of people would love this gift too. Specially your non Muslim friends who love the food but probably don’t know the exact sentiment behind the holiday. A small parcel of cookies, delivered thus will make a wonderful gift.


A lovely DIY tasbih (prayer beads) looks so wonderful and will gather you tons of compliments for the thought behind the gift.


That’s the most awaited and basic gift for all kids but why not make it more fun? This looks lovely rather than just handing over an envelope of cash.


The best gift for busy, tired mums and khalas, Spa in a Jar!!! Face it, they’ll be more than busy cooking up various dishes and entertaining guests. What better way to thank them? Just buy small travel size containers, doll them up with labels and pop them into mason jars. Tie with festive cute ribbons and voila! You got yourself a gorg gift.
These were a few ideas that we thought of. Apart from the obvious gifts of clothes and watches you can think of these to gift your near and dear ones.
And finally, Eid is a celebration of lovely clothes so don’t forget to check out gorgeous styles on the EthnicThread app. And once you are all dressed up, click and post them ASAP!


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