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With the summer arriving in full force, wearing sleeveless and flip slops is a must. Nothing else can cool you down! But along with that comes the ‘lets-pamper-our-hands-and-feet’ routine. And if making two trips per week to the salon is not really your thing, here is an easy solution to doing the very same stuff at home. it’s going to save you tons of money, and you can choose the time, so no appointments, no unhygienic salon equipment. You can just have some awesome me-time doing this.

First – gather all the tools you require. What you do require is- a small tub to soak your hands and a separate one for your feet. Some marbles (the kinds kids play with), a manicure set (which includes nail cutters, filer, buffer, orange stick, and a small nail brush), some nice smelling shampoo, a scrub, some moisturizing cream, cuticle oil, cotton balls, nail paint, Q tips, a few hand towels, tissues and nail paint remover.

Let’s start: Set the stage. Play some good music, light a few candles, and work up those aromatherapy diffusers. Relax and fill up half the tub with warm water. Add a spritz of the shampoo. Let’s consider that you do your mani first, so I am going to talk just about that. you repeat the same steps for your pedicure.

1. Clip your nails, and file them in the shape you like. Given below is a visual guide to nail shapes. Choose one that you know you can maintain.

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2. Remove old nail polish. this could be your first step, but having some paint on your nails gives you a good idea while shaping your nails, so I always do it later!



3. Soak your hands in that pre-filled tub. Dip in your hands and let them soak in for some time. Remember those marbles we needed? Add them to the tub too and just roll them beneath your hands. That’s some great exercise and will help soothe your hand muscles.



4. Remove your hands when you feel that you have soaked enough. that should be somewhere around 10 to 15 minutes. Take some shampoo on the nail brush and gently brush your entire hands and nails, scrubbing quite well under the nails too. Wash and rinse your hands.

5. Dry your hands well and apply some cuticle oil on the cuticles. Gently push them back using an orange stick. If you cut your cuticles, do it; but if you never have then don’t try new stunts. Cuticles can get infected real bad, so you don’t want to have any health hazards!


6. Next, use a scrub and scrub your hands right up to the elbow. Gently scrub for a good two to three minutes per hand, scrubbing the hands, wrist, and between fingers quite well.


7. Rinse off the scrub, and dry your hands well. Slather some moisturizing cream on your entire hand that has been scrubbed, and massage it in. Pay attention to the cuticles, and any dry areas on your hand.


8. Take a tissue and wipe off the cream from the nails.

9. Paint your nails in your favorite color. Don’t forget to add a base and top coat for a long lasting manicure.

For a pedicure do the same steps. You just need to scrub your feet using a pumice stone, or a ped egg. That will help you to get rid of all the dead and dry skin from your heels and give you soft and supple feet!



One quick tip: Leave out the nail paint for the next day. Do your mani and pedi at night, and let the moisturizer soak into your skin well. You will have amazing hands the next day!


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