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So, in Part one of this series, we saw how to create an illusion of a slimmer you. Now let’s see a few more specifics that we can incorporate into our wardrobe which will hep us look slim.

1. Peplum: Frills are not only for the 4 year olds. Wearing the right sized peplum can absolutely enhance your shape. A peplum starts at the narrowest part of your body, and the frill should cover the widest part of your body. Mind you – cover; not end there or else you’ll be drawing attention to the widest part.

By covering up the wide hips, this lady creates a slimming illusion of a nice figure.

2. Go over to the dark side: While pastels, and nude colours look fabulous, it’s the darker hues that will shape you better. Opting for darker colours, makes the body look toned. In fact you could even try for a slimming pattern as shown below.

The black panels on the side instantly make the model look ten pounds slimmer.

Similarly, opting for darker hues, make her look thinner.

3. Bag Size: Pay attention to your bag. A teeny tiny bag will make you look larger than what you are, but that doesn’t mean you need to break your back! Opt for a well structures mid sized bag that will flatter your shape. a bottomless hobo bag will also make you look slouchy so stay away from them.

4. High Waist: At the risk of sounding like i am 50, I want to caution you against high waists! A low waist is a perfect invitation for the muffin top look, and with the low rise culture that’s hit the world, we end up looking more staid than ever. Opt for a high waist that will pull everything together and keep it in place 😉 😉 rather than the low rise that makes you feel uncomfortable.

5. Floaty tops: That have a defined waistline. It’s tempting to hide away in floaty tops, but make sure they gather at some place to give you a slimming look. Or else you might just look like you wore a tent to carry your whole family, plus some neighbours in it. Your top needs to have some elastic or rib at its hem to look structured and proportionate.

6. Accessorize: To catch everyone’s eye. ear a statement neck piece, or a gorgeous scarf, or a great belt. The world is your oyster! It will take away the attention from any problem area. Oh and the best ever accessory – SMILE. Smile until your jaws hurt, and no one will ever pay attention to a few extra pounds here and there!

There you go…..a few hacks that will make you look and feel slim this new year!

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