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So you thought that bindis are cliched? That we women can just wear them one way and that’s that? No darlings, you are in for a treat, coz we have seen bindis used so many ways that we forget the count!

Bindi as a bridal day bindi. Okay I don’t knw what its called, but know some brides stick pretty, tiny bindis above their eyebrows. Looks super cute, and if anyone knows the name of what this style is called, please tell us.

Bindi as a nose pin. For some of us, who don’t want to go through the pain of piercing but want to wear a stud on the nose for some occasions, Swarovski bindis work wonders. They look like you have pierced your nose, minus the pain and irritation. You can wear a larger bindi with a coloured stone to match your outfit, or just a tiny one that catches the light and still looks pretty.

Bindi as a maang tikka or hair decoration. Maang tikkas are gorgeous, but at times too heavy. The way they pull at your hair can be an issue and this is where bindis can rescue you. Just stick some large bindis and you can look just as ethnic as with a large maang tikka. If you use smaller bindis they make for some gorgeous hair decorations.

As a tattoo on some part of your body. Yeah all of us who are pain wimps can use this trick to wear a bindi as a tattoo.

As a decoration on a bag! Take a plain bag and notch its style quotient by sticking a couple of bindis. The good thing? If you want a plain bag again, just remove the stickers and your good ol bag is back!

Tell us more ways you can think of using bindis….we’re waiting to hear from your #Bindilicious girls.

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