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It was a cloudy day in Pune, and our user Mahima was confused about what to wear for Ganpati festivites. She couldn’t picture what to wear, and she knew if she went shopping, her husband would probably block her cards. When she looked at her EthnicThread planner, Mahima realized it’s Closet Cleanse day soon. So she decided to follow our infographic and clean out her closet, in hopes that she would find some inspiration about what to wear. It was her first Ganpati at a new society complex and she really wanted to look special!


Following the infographic, Mahima cleant her closet. She says that separating the clothes made it really easy for her and was less time consuming. Within a few hours, she had identified a few clothes that were pretty but she wasn’t sure whether she would repeat them. After taking a few good pictures, she posted them on EthnicThread. Within a few hours, she had a buyer, in Pune itself, who was interested in a saree she had posted.

The next day, Mahima met the girl who wanted to buy the saree. Turns out she wanted to wear the saree for Ganpati too! What fun. Mahima gave her the saree, and showed her some more pictures she had posted. Being the same size, Mahima’s blouse fit her and she was sorted! Mahima closed the sale and that evening, sipping on some coffee with her husband proudly showed off a new anarkali she had bought. The moment he saw shopping bags, Mahima’s husband had sort of choked on the coffee, but when he heard how Mahima made a sale; he went to his closet and removed three kurtas that he didn’t fit into and told her, “Hey! I need something new to wear too!”

We love such user stories….Mahima was so happy and we were happy because she was happy! It’s easy to sell used ethnic clothes on EthnicThread. When you use EthnicThread, you can even rent Indian clothes. It’s safe and the best part is you get to keep the entire sale money. Since we don’t charge any commission, whatever you quote, its ALL yours. Give it a shot once, and we promise you, you’ll be addicted!

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