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Spring is in the air, and while we love spring and the first glow of summer; it’s the aftermath of winter! That means there’s a ton of warm clothes. shawls, stoles, coats, jackets and boots to go though and store. The pro-team at EthnicThread is always with you in such scenarios to help you closet cleanse and feel the freshness of spring in your closet.

Here’s how you can go about without feeling overwhelmed.

First – sort through all of your winter wear. Donate what you don’t want, and sell the stuff you feel is good enough to be sold. List it on EthnicThread and then you can earn some money while you’re closet cleaning.

Now for the methods of closet cleaning!


1. The most famous one these days – the KonMari method. Marie Kondo (hence the name KonMari). She says that you need to only keep stuff that ‘sparks joy’ in your life. Simple? Well in a way, yes. However, in the past my joy is sparked by shopping – hence the huge clothes haul. But it makes a lot of sense to use her method. Remove every single item outside and hold an item. If it sparks joy, keep it or else sell/donate it.


2. The Out of Sight Method: My personal favourite. Ok, so I know it’s not easy to just give away your clothes. I always hold an item, but feel like ‘what if I need this when the aliens attack?’ Or ‘I think this dress will look so good if I lost 2 kgs, and bought new yellow shoes and coloured my hair!’ Or ‘I got this as a gift for myself, I would love it keep it.’
Sounds familiar? If yes, try my method. (Can we give my method a name? Like the MeSh method maybe) All these ‘in-between’ items of clothes and accessories that you have, put them in a box, or a large bag or just in anything that can hold them. Since I live in Mumbai, where house size isn’t spectacular, I just store this box away in my attic. Then, after a designated period of time (in my case 6 months) if I don’t need / remember anything that’s in the box, my hubby retrieves it and sells the stuff / donates some. This is an excellent method for me, because I can’t part with some stuff, but if I have already forgotten about it, then he can do it for me. Within these six months, if I need or remember a particular item from that box, I retrieve it and keep it. But the rest of the stuff still goes out later!

finished hanger

3. The Ribbon Trick: My BFF swears by this. She keeps aside a set of clothes that she isn’t sure about, or maybe can’t style it well. She ties a red ribbon on each hangar which holds these items. If in the next few months, she can pair that top, or fit into a particular dress, or wears one of those ‘unsure’ things, she keeps it. The ribbon goes off the hanger and the rest of the hangers with the ribbons are sold off.

motivation word handwritten on chalkboard with heart symbol instead of O
motivation word handwritten on chalkboard with heart symbol instead of O

4. Mood yourself: I think I clean best when I am angry or irritated. Because when I am feeling upset, I don’t seem to hold onto every item and smell it and feel that ‘aww’ or anything. Obviously, every time I wanted to clean my closet, I can’t pick up a fight, but it does make sense to get into the feeling. I find that it also helps if I have watched a few good closet cleaning videos or read a few articles about cleaning up ( thank you)

5. Number Method: This one is for Level 38 and above ok? You need to be seriously dedicated to follow these. One day sit down and write down what clothes you have (or wear often) If you have 20 black tops, and 15 beige; it’s quite obvious you’re covered for atleast 2 years! Set a number of things that you can purchase. So, if you have a lot of blacks maybe limit yourself to only 2 more black purchases in this year. Alternatively, some girls like to keep a set number of hangers in their closet. Once they are full, you can not buy more stuff. Which brings me to my next method;


6. One in one out: This sounds like those computer programming lessons from the past. FIFO (First In First Out) or LIFO (Last In First Out) etc. But the one in one out method rocks, because it atuomatically keeps your closet super clean. Whenever you buy something, decide what will go out. If nothing is worth selling or giving away; then don’t buy a new item!

7. Divide and Rule: Yeah we were ruled by the British. ¬†What do you think! Divide your entire wardrobe in to 2 parts – work and non work. Or school / home. Or whatever / whatever. If you work 5 days a week, 12 months a year; then you really don’t need 24 bathing suits lying around (unless you are a lifeguard or something) Focus on the 2 halves of your life. For me, it’s work and comfort. So I have more of work related outfits in my closet, in my top drawers, and the others are more casual outfits I can wear while chasing my toddler, going for a movie or dinner. The heavier sarees, and salwars get their own home in a separate place where they don’t clutter my wardrobe. I have included a few party wear clothes in my normal closet, but the other stuff is packed away above my wardrobe. In case I need it, all I need to do is get a stool and pull it all out. But it helps that my current closet has just the clothes I need for my current lifestyle.

8. Make up your own method: over the past few years, we have all tried to come up with something on our own. Something that suits us well. Just like we are all unique, make your own unique method. But do write in to tell us what it is, so I can include it next time!


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