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Christmas 2016 is all about fun, changes and memories. People are focusing on making memories as opposed to just giving a ‘gift.’ This season, the trend is to gift an experience over just a thing. Here are a few ideas that you might like for the gifting season.


1. Gift an experience: Know someone who has always wanted to fly? Give them a para sailing experience. Or a baking class, for the cookie and cake enthusiast in your circle. They will surely appreciate this gesture, and in the process learn and experience something amazing. Gift a couple a spa treatment or a romantic dinner and you will really be spreading the cheer this season.

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2. Handmade Gifts: Special, handmade gifts always hold a special place in everyone’s lives. If you knit well, you can make some cutesie cup cozies for your friends to keep their cup of coffee or tea warm in the cold season. Or a phone cover. You can even make some lovely hand warmers using just some fabric and rice, and a hot glue gun! You paint well? Gift someone a little painting they can hang around their house. ¬†You can also give someone some potted herbs using which they can start their own little herb garden.


3. The Cliche Gifts: Clothes, accessories, jewelery, the works. They have been around for years and will be!


4. The Help: Gift someone your time. The biggest and most appreciated gift would be your time. Take some time off and visit your old friends. Or maybe a retirement home. Spread some cheer there as well.


5. EthnicThread: Gift someone the EthnicThread app! Download it for them because this is one gift using which they can make money@!! Teach them to use it and watch them use your gift all year round!

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