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Want to look like a million bucks this Diwali? It’s not only easy, but the endless partying and dinners and card parties will not only show on your face if you follow our quick tips.

The very first tip is to always have good skin, and maintain it. Since it’s a festive season and it nearly will last until December, pamper yourself at home as well. In case you can’t go for regular facials, follow this cheat sheet below to get clean, hydrated skin at home. Cleanse, exfoliate, steam and put on a face pack. Put up your feet for 10 minutes and relax. It makes a world of difference to your skin.




When you have gorgeous clean skin, make up goes on like a charm. Follow these quick fix steps to acheieve that glowy, dewy make up for Diwali 2016. These are the latest trends for makeup in 2016.

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Some beautiful looks for your eyes this season. Just adding a bit of shimmer and glitter makes  them pop and gives you that beautiful festive look.


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To prep your eyes for such makeup, start off by applying concealer to any problem spots and dark circles.Check out the color correction guide on left, and use the right colours for your specific problems.

54ed92fd55e6f Get Mascara ready. Mascara lengthens your eye lashes, and makes your eyes look brighter and open. Choose the right wand for what you need, and coat away.

bfac75e9253a4a9d6e1ed634ceed4707 Next step is to fill in your brows. Concealers, foundations, loose powder – they all settle on your brows and create a scanty brow look. Fill in your brows using some natural eye brow pencil or a brow kit.


lipstick_tutorial5-589x1024Nothing screams festive and fun like red lips! To make yur lipstick last longer, follow these steps and you are nearly done!

Lastly highlight your face to look like that dewy, lit from within diva.

highlighting-101 You will look super super gorgeous. And don’t forget that million dollar smile :)



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