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Bindi, tikka, tikli, tilak, kumkum…..known by many names, but is the same thing. A beautiful, dot worn on the forehead. This International Women’s Day, we decided to take it further. A bit of research told us that bindi literally means the centre or the focus of the universe. And we women are definitely the centre of our universe. Women have always been the central anchor holding the families together. A woman signifies the strength, the beauty, the elegance and the power. The bindi represents all of these qualities perfectly. Who can argue with such logic? Let’s show the world where our universe is!

Not just the women, but even the men are encouraged to wear bindi to celebrate the women in their lives. Although the roots of Bindi traditions are in ancient India, EthnicThread doesn’t want to let this event be associated with any particular religion. If for any reason, someone cannot wear a bindi on forehead, they can get creative by wearing it on other visible parts of the body. It’s all about proudly celebrating women’s dignity. 

So come March 8th, sport a bindi. A large colourful one, a beautiful red one, an intricate design, or a crystal studded one. Show everyone that you are #bindilicious, and you are proud to be a woman. 

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