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There are sometimes that you come across people you immediately admire – for their style, kindness or their class. For me, Shilpa Ramachandran from FrillThrills was one such person. We connected via email and she just seemed to be the person I wanted to feature on EthnicThread. So much about her was real – her style, her ethnic looks were totally wearable, her office looks are bang on! Her accessories are so perfect that I want to steal them I’m a fan! Remember the ad where the boss thinks that her employee is looking too pretty and asks her tone down her jewelry so the clients can concentrate? Yeah so if you follow Shilpa, that’s going to be your boss – Every. Single. Day.

And what better way for her to connect with you – our lovely users of EthnicThread? Via an interview of course! So without further ado, let me jump into the interview with her. Here goes….enjoy

ETTell us 3 interesting things about you.

SR: 1) There is a picture of me when I was five or six and I have draped one of my mum’s dupatta as a gown and worn her heals (probably a gazillion sizes bigger than mine) and posed proudly for the picture! What more proof did anyone else need that fashion is the field I was meant to be in? Haha!

2) This weekend has been a rather eventful one for me! Sunday I ran my maiden half marathon and Monday I get my first interview (a.k.a this one!) published! I’m loving it!

3) As crazy as it sounds I do a lot of online “window” shopping! And sometimes I apply only one filter – colour! (Dear online site, please show me any and every thing you sell -men’s wear or women’s wear in yellow! yes! Yellow!) [yellow is the colour of sunshine, hope and happiness and here’s hoping that Shilpa’s life is filled with it] 

ETWhat is your inspiration behind starting a blog?

SR: I had been following a lot of fashion blogs ever since I knew my interest lies in that field. Hence as a means of documenting my fashion journey and what I made of style and trends I decided to start a fashion blog! Oh and I simply love writing! That’s a bonus!

ETBest moments of your blogging career so far?

SR: My first collaboration and my first interview. That was recognition and validation!

ET: What is a typical day like for you?

SR: My typical day starts at around 5 when I have workouts or running to do..on non work out days I am in bed till 7! I wake up and get ready (really slowly) and am off to work! I’m a chartered accountant and I work with a equity research firm. It’s a long day and I’m usually done by 7.30 or 8..I’m back home after that. Post that I try to catch up on all the action on the YouTube Blogs and WordPress blogs I follow and I’m off to sleep!

ETTell us about one struggle in your life or career and how you coped with it?

SR: I would like to think I’ve had a relatively smooth life actually! So maybe two minor struggles would be clearing my CA and convincing people my passion lies in fashion!

ETName a celebrity/icon you look up to for fashion and why.

SR: Kangana Ranaut in India for the way she explores so many varied and different looks (have you seen her Audrey Hepburn look?) and Olivia Palermo and Miroslava Duma of the international fashion scenes for their impeccable style and confidence. Give them a pair of jeans and they’ll show you how to look like a chic stylista in it!

ETWhat is your favorite ethnic outfit/accessory?

SR: The saree any day! Can any other outfit suck in all of our flaws and make us look so sensuous at the same time!

That’s right ladies! Look how amazing she looks in the saree.

ET: Give 3 pieces of advice to our users.

SR: 1)You don’t need to shop designer brands to look fashionable!

2) Break all barriers when it comes to style! The beauty about style is that it’s such a personal thing!

3) Experiment and wear your heart on your sleeve quite literally! 😉

If you think you look amazing in an outfit, you probably do! Don’t let people tell you otherwise! Remember, today they might ridicule you, tomorrow they ll awe at you and day after they’ll follow you!

ETWhat do you think are the ethnic outfit staples that an Indian girl MUST have in her wardrobe?

SR: A beautiful saree for sure, a nice pair of earrings (jhumkas or Chandbalis) and a jewelled heeled golden pair of sandals!

ETGive a shout out to couple of your friends or family who have inspired you in your journey so far. 

SR: Preeti for her undying encouragement and for being my cheerleader.

Viswesh for understanding this is what I love doing and motivating me so hard though this absolutely not his forte.

My family – parents and sister – for jumping on board a bit late (thanks to me who thought they wouldn’t appreciate the blog idea and not telling them for really long) and yet supporting me and giving amazing feedback!

ETWhat is your favorite quote?

SR: I have two favourite quotes actually!

1) If not now then when? If not you then who?

2) A tree without roots is just a piece of wood! [WOW! that’s profound!]

ET: We created EthnicThread with following options in mind. What are you most thrilled about?

  1. An easy way to sell, borrow, rent or exchange your ethnic /party-wear clothes, jewelry and accessories. (for adults and kids). So you are not just spending on your fashion, but also making money out of it by a method of community recycling. That way you can do more guilt-free shopping.
  2. To bring together the pool of talent that lies all over the world and build a strong community of fashion designers, models, henna artists, beauty aestheticians, tailors, bloggers, wedding related services -basically the works.
  3. Follow the style/talent of people you admire, and also create a following for your own unique taste. 
  4. use this as a platform to promote your business and get global visibility and exposure. 
  5. Creating opportunities for women to network, learn and connect within our community by organizing live meetups, workshops and events.

  SR: I would say I’m most excited about points 1 and 2! I think the concept of selling and exchanging usable ethnic wear is pretty cool! And I hope to god it works out well! And I think a worldwide community of Indian bloggers is completely necessary because as of now fashion is very western oriented and we hardly find bloggers (me included) blogging much about our ethnic finds!

Check out these looks from Shilpa’s look book. You can connect with her on the EthnicThread app. Also check out her blog:

Or check out her FB page:

Or if you really wanna stalk her we also have her Instagram for you: shilpa.ramachandran

Discover her style, her tips and her amazing sense of fashion on the EthnicThread app too. Log on and see which clothes and accessories she’s willing to share/sell! This girl’s got a helluva collection so I’m definitely queuing up!

Get the app on the App store now! it’s free for a limited time. Click her to download

Instagram: ethnic.thread


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