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As far as bridal shopping goes, it’s never really done until the last moment. You forget a number of things a number of times, and almost always someone has some suggestions to make. To keep you sorted, here’s a guide to your trousseau and how to go about getting it sorted.

1. Ethnic Wear:


Sarees, blouses, anarkalis, salwar suits, kurtis – all those. Get the  all a couple of months before the wedding. Try to get your blouses done by a good designer so that you can mix and match them as well. gone are the days where you had to wear those simple plain blouses. We have a number of designers and tailors on the app whom you can consult with and get your clothes done.

2. Western Wear:


Mostly bought ready, so no problems of tailoring here. However, you might require a few alterations in these and for that our alteration specialists rock! It’s really amazing what a little tightening or loosening of a dress might do for you! Get your jeans cut to size, your blouses fitted right and your dresses properly sized.

3. Make up:


The one thing we all love to buy, but then hardly use. Who else does that! When buying make up remember to get a variety of shades. Sometimes (and this especially happens if the counter assistants come to know you’re a bride) you end up buying shades of reds and pinks only and then there’s nothing else to match your clothes with later.

4. Footwear:


A girl’s best friend after diamonds would be a pair of comfy heels. Get superb shoes and while you are going to flaunt them don’t forget to book your appointment for a pedicure with some great beauticians on the EthnicThread app.

5. Hair and Make up:


Though not actually a trousseau item in itself, getting your bookings done at a salon is very important. Get your make up and looks sorted for the big day. Get your pre wedding facials booked and done with. EthnicThread has a lot of facial specialists and beauticians close to you. Find one and book her for the big day!

And lastly, to help you pack your awesome trousseau, find one of our trousseau packers who will do a fab job of packing and decorating your precious goodies.

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