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You know the drill…… hit the mall, and return home with bags and bags of stuff, feeling so good; but yet again in a couple of days or so, your closet is full and yet you have nothing to wear. The frustrating feeling of ‘Where did my money go?’ ‘And I don’t want to repeat my clothes so soon,’ ┬ácombined with ‘Why can’t I have something amazing to wear’ is something we all experience right?

We understand, really and truly understand that exact feeling. But while trudging along this EthnicThread journey, we have come to understand that the mistake here lies in our shopping habits. Come to think of it, it’s rather correct. If the shopping itself is flawed, why in the world would you have a great new outfit every time?

So here is what to do. First, think about it. Why don’t you wear absolutely everything in your closet?
1. The fit isn’t great
2. Doesn’t suit the occasion you’re wearing it for.
3. You don’t even know why you bought it!

Address these three mistakes and you will have a perfect wardrobe forever. Here’s how to do that.

1. See how it fits in your wardrobe:
We all have those moments when we pick up something that looks gorgeous, only to realise that it can be matched up with one kind of pants. Or one particular skirt. To beat this, I have a rule. Before buying anything, I take a deep breath and think: will this match with atleast 3 things in my closet? If yes, buy it! If not, kiss the item good bye. Sure I take longer to shop, but it’s worthwhile to have all that space in my closet.

2. See how it fits you:
I mean it all ways. Does it fit your frame? Does it fit your lifestyle? Does it fit your budget? Maybe it fits your budget and your frame but would you really need to wear a formal gown if you are a student on a budget? Maybe not. Similarly if you need something but it doesn’t fit your budget to buy it, try renting it off EthnicThread. And the most important thing: it could fit your lifestyle and your budget, but if it doesn’t fit you well then no point in buying it. I have a couple of clothes languishing in the depths of my wardrobe waiting for that magical day when I put on a few pounds and fill them out well, or I magically get invited to the Oscars and need to wear a designer evening gown.

3. Size is just a Number:
And I can’t stress on this enough. You need to try on every outfit you want to buy. Sure you fit into a Small size mostly. But each company sizes its clothes differently. Asian ones size their clothes so tiny, that a size S person might need to buy an L in their sizes. So don’t just buy something without trying it. You will save some money and your sanity.

4. Learn to say a NO:
I know those really helpful, sweet kind girls are just doing their job, but their job is to SELL. Hardcore SELL. They will tell you, that you look gorgeous even if you try on clown pants and put on a red button nose. Trust your own judgement for the most part.

5. Quality over Quantity:
I can completely understand the deep satisfaction you feel when you carry home ten bags. But really, buying more stuff isn’t going to change the fact that you shopped. Shopping well in terms of buying quality clothes will work better in the long run.

Follow these simples ideas and you will have a happier time choosing your clothes!

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