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Who doesn’t like plain sweet chiffon sarees? Growing up on a staple diet of Yash Raj and Bollywood, chiffon sarees will definitely make you think of Switzerland, snow, and dance! The fact that they drape so well, and can be dressed up or down just makes chiffon sarees a must have in many wardrobes.

But what do you do, when you see ten plain chiffon sarees? Doesn’t it get boring after a while? So here, is a great idea of what to do with a plain chiffon saree?

Get trendy by following the season’s latest: ombre. Pick your plain chiffon saree, head over to a nearby market or a boutique who would help you dye it. Mind you, ombre is serious business, you need to get the shading right. Arm yourself with pictures and colour schemes and explain the exact shades you want in detail. Voila! Once your dye is set, your ombre saree is ready to wow the world.

In the first picture, the simple pink shading that is done on the saree, is the colour chosen for the blouse. It entirely enhances the look of the entire outfit, makes it look so classy and stylish.

Adding a light border, or a sequinned belt, adds to the look of the saree.

Saree Take two: Tie and Dye

The tie and dye is an age old technique that looks classy and young at the same time. Notice how Shilpa Shetty makes it work with a sparkly silver blouse.

Using bright neons, will really brighten up an old saree. Keeping #thoughtfulfashion in mind, keep up your appearance by revamping your sarees, rather than getting new ones.

Saree Take three: Plain Saree with heavy border

Keeping ypur plain saree, simple and plain, just add a heavy embellished border to it. For an edgier look, pair your blouse sleeves, with the border colour.

How elegant does Madhuri Dixit Nene look? (never mind that she would look beautiful wearing rags) here, she’s paired a blue saree with a red blouse, and kept a common gold border on both. The end result is a very well put together look.

What else have you done to revamp your sarees? Post your pictures on the EthnicThread app and show us your potential!

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