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I firmly believe that however gorgeous a saree is, it’s the blouse that makes or breaks it. A beautiful saree with a dowdy blosue will totally kill the show, whereas a plain saree with a glam blouse with totally give your image a complete change. playing around with prints, fabrics, and patterns will definitely make your blouse really look classy.





download (13) sonam-kapoor-pink-saare-1-020715 deepika_sari_capehigh_neck_floral_embroidered_blouse

Cape / Jacket Style Blouses: The latest to take over Bollywood, these blouses are stunning but tough to work. Not everyone can carry these off, but if you like to work it, wear it! The added advantage to these styles is that pairing with something else (like a skirt) will make a complete different outfit!





maxresdefault (1) mirror_work_blouse_with_round_back_neck

Mirror Work Blouse: Looks fabulous, and elegant. A simpler saree works well with these kind of blouses, as the blouse itself commands all the attention.












img-20150920-wa0015-500x500 Net-Back-Neck-Blouse-Designs Latest-blouse-design-for-party-wear-13



Lace and Pearl Blouses: Lace and pearls – the two things which always make a woman look so elegant and timeless. Add this concoction to your blouses, and you will have lovely, dainty looking blouses.

If you need good designers or tailors to make such blouses for you, we have a lot of designers and stylists who can help you. Just log on to the app, and search under Discover Talent, and you will definitely find someone for you!

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