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“Don’t wait for the perfect moment,

Take the moment, and make it perfect”

Very taken in by this quote, I have taken to providing inspiration for my husband for my valentine gift! (Wink) How? Simply by leaving some jewelery websites open on his iPad on the exact same page which shows the bracelet I love. Or maybe by lamenting a lot about my phone which is suddenly in dire need of a change.

But when it comes to Monday mornings, I am nearly a puddle on the floor. I hate dressing up for work, well, mostly I am in denial about the weekend being over anyway. Just today, when the alarm went off, I picked up my phone and switched it off. Last night I was in bed , browsing on EthnicThread, and it popped open on the screen. (I may or may not be in the habit of closing my apps. Don’t judge)

And the moment I scrolled some more, I was hit by inspiration. i saw these two pictures, they are the top trending EthnicThreadders  and Tuesday top talents. We love these people for their sense of style and the way they make an effortlessly well put together picture.

The moment I saw these pictures o my screen, I knew what I could wear. I had a lovely top in that blue colour and I could pair a pretty pink scarf with it! Super excited.

So here are the two ways you can get inspired on a boring Monday morning:

1. Check out EthnicThread app the moment you wake up. Or you could be a little better organised and check it on Sunday night before you sleep, and decide your clothes then.

2. You just need to put in way more effort, and stand in front of your closet. Clean it using out infographic. Once it cleant, put together some outfits. Click photos of those and keep as a ready guide to be used on Monday mornings.

What do you on Mondays to get inspired?

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