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Girls! What’s the one thing that always delays you while stepping out? Hair of course. We Indian women have been blessed with lustrous, long hair, and that’s a blessing AND a curse. Blessing, because we can do tons of things to our hair; curse because doing tons of things to hair – almost always means hours and hours spent at a salon, or in front of your dresser, with less than satisfactory results. To help you out, here are ten different updos that you can do in under 10 minutes!

1. Messy French Braid with a twist: Just run a wide tooth comb through your hair. Make a messy french plait and set it with bobby pins and and a pretty hair tie. Keep it over your shoulder while braiding, the better to show off your outfit.

2. Simple Braid: I know you think of ‘masiji’ or ‘auntyji’ when you see this, but the moment you mess up a few strands and spray a bit of glitter in your hair, you’ll look like an enchanted angel!

3. The Dignified Chignon: Twist up two hair strands from your temples. Pin them behind. Tie a low pony, and start tucking the ends of the pony inside. Secure with a few pins, and you’ll look like a million bucks!

4. Easy Twisty Bun: Make two cute pony tails. braid them up. Admire yourself in the mirror, because you now look like you are 13. Bring the two ponies together, and make a cute twisty bun.

5. Waterfall Side Braid: Do a complete side braid and pull the ends apart. This looks fabulous on ethnic wear and is super quick to make.

6. Simple loose Hairstyle; if you have long waves, just twist ends, and pin them back. leave the rest long and flowing and look pretty.

7. Twisty Ponytail: Make lots of small twisty strands. Pull them back and make a lovely little pony tail to hang back.

8. Waterfall Updo: Remember the waterfall braid up there? Make the braid and then pull the braid up and secure it. Add some flowers to look more festive.

9: Easiest Head chain: Just set your hair well, and secure a head chain. It looks so classy and pretty, with minimal effort.

10: The Donut Bun: A quick and elegant updo, you can make this under 5 minutes! make a pony, insert a donut, and roll your hair all over it….

There! You are all set for your parties. And without a hair out of place. If you still prefer to use salon services, you know where to look for them right? On the EthnicThread app. just search for salon services around you, and you can find a host of them!

Don’t forget to upload your picture lovelies!!!

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