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Well, Christmas is just 10 days away, and like you all know we love a good checklist. So here’s one specially for you, see if you have it all done?

1. Put up the tree and get your decorations done. We have some lovely home decorations listed on the app, if you are looking for some, feel free to check them out!

2. Alternatively, you got some gorgeous decorations this year, but your last year’s decorations are pretty too? List them on EthnicThread at a good fair price, and earn to easy cash.

3. Do you have a party happening? If yes, plan the guest list and make sure you have sent out the invites. Receive the RSVPs and get on with the food ordering. Christmas eve and Christmas day are really busy for restaurants and caterers so pre ordering your food (or alternatively cooking it yourself!) is a good option.

4. Outfits set? We have some amazing winter wear on the app for grabs. Also wait and watch out for our christmas look book.

5. Clean out your house and closet. List the items on EthnicThread. Light up some candles, and make your house look cozy, and christmassy.

6. Get your chef hat on if you want to bake some cookies or so. Look up good recipes and get into the Christmas mode.

7. And last but not the least, get into the spirit. Spread the cheer. Do a good deed. Help out a friend, even if it’s something as simple as watching their kid, painting someone’s nails for them. Smile at someone just for no reason. And spread happiness all around!

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